Chiranjeevi Sarja plays a blind action hero in Samhaara

Written by Manoj Kumar R
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Published:November 20, 2017 4:00 pm

Chiranjeevi Sarja’s Samhaara gearing up for December release

Kannada filmmaker Guru Deshpande is busy with the post-production work of his upcoming film Samhaara, which has actor Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead role. The trailer of the film has created good buzz as it shows Chiranjeevi in two different variations. In one scene, we are introduced to him as a popular chef, who is blind since childhood and runs a successful restaurant, in the next one he has normal eyesight and is indulging in his romantic interests. Deshpande believes that this confusion and curiosity among the audience about the real story of Chiranjeevi’s character in the film will keep them hooked to the narration.

“Samhaara is a revenge drama (as one can guess from its name itself). Why does he (the protagonist) seek revenge? Against whom? and how does he destroy his enemies and where? is the story of the film,” said Deshpande.

“We had films in Kannada with blind protagonists in the past. But, we have not seen blind heroes in action sequences. So I wanted to show a visually-impaired hero, who can fight,” he said.

How does a blind assassin find his mark? Deshpande revealed that Chiranjeevi’s character will use his other senses like his ability to smell to engage his rivals in a fist fight. “He is a chef and he has the heightened sense of smell. He uses it to find his targets and engage them. He can also find his opponents using the sounds of their movement,” he added.

Samhaara also has two leading ladies played by Haripriya and Kavya Shetty. And Chikkanna will be playing an interesting role in the film called Raja Huli, which was also the title of Deshpande’s 2013 hit drama. “Chikkanna plays a special character of a police officer called Raja Huli. I have not treated him as a regular comedian in the film. He is a strict officer. He doesn’t smile or make silly jokes. But, the audience will enjoy when he’s on the screen,” Deshpande said.

Composer Ravi Basrur has scored the music for the film. Even Kannada movie star Puneeth Rajkumar has sung a romantic song for it. Samhaara is gearing up for a release by the end of December this year.

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